Proposal to block elected leaders from banning books in libraries passes Senate, heads to Governor’s desk

WAND TV — May 3, 2023

A bill that would block local elected leaders from banning books in public libraries has passed the Senate and now moves to Governor JB Pritzker's desk for approval.

The effort was lead by the Secretary of State's Office which is in charge of the State Library and is in charge of grant programs for public libraries in the state.

"The concept of banning books contradicts the very essence of what our country stands for," said Secretary Giannoulias. "It also defies what education is all about: teaching our children to think for themselves. This landmark legislation is a triumph for our democracy, a win for First Amendment Rights, and a great victory for future generations."

The AG's office said that nationally, the number of attempts to ban books has surged. According to the American Library Association, over 2,500 different books caused objections, compared to 1,858 n 2021 and only 566 in 2019.

The vote passed on a 39-19 vote.